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"Archimedes" in Croatia.
Information on participation in the Exhibition "INOVA".

In the period from November 7 to 11, 2007 the International Innovation Club "Archimedes" took part in the annual Croatian invention show "INOVA".

Among the participants representing Russian inventors were: International Innovation Center "Archimedes", Moscow City Organization of VOIR, Tula State University, Scientific micro-school "Stages of mastership" (Tula City), Military Academy of Communications named after S.M. Budyonny (Saint-Petersburg), Scientific-and-Production Association "State-of-the-art technologies" (Lipetsk City).

At the show were exhibited 240 inventions including 187 of Croatian origin and 53 international ones. Moscow City Organization of VOIR and the Center "Archimedes" exhibited 12 inventions and useful models.

The International Jury headed by Mr. David Wardell from Great Britain awarded 49 gold, 59 silver and 44 bronze medals. 19 special awards were given including awards and diplomas of the International Innovation Club "Archimedes" to the:

Best Young Inventor Tomislav Marjanovic (Croatia);

Best Woman Inventor Rosa Ferincevic (Croatia);

Best Zagreb Inventor Marijan Biljan.

The principal award "Nikola Tesla" as the best Croatian Invention in 2007 was awarded for "Roto raspa" invented by Roman, Tomislav and Ivan Krunic (Croatia).

The award for the "Best International Invention" was granted to the Military Academy of Communications (Saint-Petersburg, Russia) - a member of the International Innovation Club "Archimedes".

The delegation of Iran was awarded as the best national delegation of inventors.

In commemoration of the 50th anniversary of establishment of the Croatian Association of Inventors honorary awards were given to the oldest inventors Vjekoslav Spanjol and Lazo Starcevic.

The opening ceremony was attended by personal deputy of Zagreb Mayor Mr. Ladislav Prezigalo, by Minister of Culture, President of Zagreb Fair Mrs. Katja Luka Kovacic, by Head of Zagreb Southern District as well as by other honorary guests.

The closing ceremony was attended by Mr. Boro Vuckovic - assistant of President of Republic of Croatia Mr. Stipe Mesic, by Mr. Arzajev - Counselor of Russian Embassy as well as by Ambassador of Republic Iran in Croatia.

The members of the Club "Archimedes" have been granted 9 medals and diplomas of the exhibition "INOVA". Among them - the development by a young inventor from Tula City - Ms. Vera Rybalkina, 5th-year- student of the Tula University - "Treatment-prophylaxis complex for prophylaxis of dorsum-disease.

Scientific micro-school "Stages of mastership" from Tula city was given the silver medal. This school consists of candidates for a master's degree, postgraduate students, junior students and schoolchildren of senior classes. The research group of micro-school is involved in solving of theoretical and practical tasks, in technical creativity and computer modeling, it takes active part in international events of the Club "Archimedes".

The gold medal of the exhibition was awarded to the project "Wind driven generator" by Mr. V. Tigrov senior, Mr. Tigrov junior, Mr. Yu. Fedorov from Scientific-and-Production Association "State-of-the-art technologies" from Lipetsk City.

Three gold medals were awarded to the Military Academy of Communications (inventor - Mr. V. Chernoles from Saint-Petersburg) for presented projects:
1. "A Method of formation creative collective and evaluation of a personality readiness level for innovation activities"

2. "A Method and a device for location of radio sources"
3. "Mobile satellite system for transmitting TV signals under control of their parameters".

The silver medal was given to the project "Vegetable sorter", bronze medals were awarded to projects "Solar pump", "Device for getting water from atmospheric air" invented by authors from the Scientific-and-Production Association "State-of-the-art technologies" from Lipetsk City.

During the Exhibition "INOVA" members of the Russian delegation had productive negotiations on cooperation with representatives of companies from Croatia, Great Britain, Republic of Iran and other countries.

There were reached agreements on perspective cooperation and on participation of inventors from Croatia in the 11th Moscow International Salon of Industrial Property "Archimedes".

The Croatian colleagues arranged an interesting business and cultural program for members of the Russian delegation.

At the closing ceremony took part the National Folk Group "Saint Klara" with national songs and dances.

International exhibition "INOVA" is a real event contributing to deeper international integration and cooperation in innovative sphere between members of the Club "Archimedes" and foreign partners.

V. Mikhailov

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