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Annually in the first half of October in the Serbian city Novi Sad (the center of Vojvodina) is held the International Festival of innovations, knowledge and inventions " TESLA FEST ".

The festival is conducted by the Association of Inventors of Vojvodina with support of local authorities and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vojvodina and is devoted to the memory of the outstanding inventor and scientist Nikola Tesla, Serb by nationality, who lived most of his life in the USA where many his discoveries and inventions have been patented.

Traditionally in the Festival take part visitors from Russia - representatives of the International Innovation Club "Archimedes" and the Moscow city organization of the All-Russia society of inventors and rationalizers.

In 2006 within the frames of the Festival was widely celebrated the 150th anniversary of birth of Nikola Tesla.

In the present, not a jubilee year, the span of the Festival and the number of participants did not cede to parameters of the last years. According to Festival catalogue data there have been preliminary registered about 250 participants: inventors and innovators from Serbia and other countries.

Many participants exhibited samples and models, though they have not been included in the catalogue.

In the frames of the collective stand of the Club "Archimedes" there were also presented materials about geophysical equipment developed by the Moscow innovation firm "Geologorazvedka".

Among inventions presented at the Festival we could see novelties in various fields: from bread baking and medical equipment to building constructions and materials. We remember, for example, the 3D puzzle of the Rubik cube type sold at the Festival. Though it consisted only of six parts, its final assembly required many efforts in order to get the image printed on the packing box of this smart toy.

Much attention attracted models of young participants of the Festival from Serbia.

One of them - Sergey Tabacki - was awarded with a diploma of the Club "Archimedes" and a memorable gift as the best young inventor (in Serbian - amazer). Sergey has amazed jury with the model of operating oil drilling installation. One Festival visitor just for fun named Sergey a representative of interests of the Russian company "Lukoil" which actively operates on the Serbian power market.

Within the frames of the Festival there was held a traditional contest of mail-carrier pigeons with notes. On the day of Festival opening 31 pigeons were let out. From the venue of the Festival - the city of Novi Sad sky letter carriers went flying to Banja Luka, administrative centre of the Republic Serpska in the neighbouring state of Bosnia and Herzegovina, 215 kilometers away. It should be kept in mind that actually pigeons fly in a broken trajectory, therefore the real distance they overcome in a flight between Novi Sad and Banja Luka makes about 300 km.

The start of pigeon flight was given at 11.30, local time. At 21.00, i.e. 10 hours later 24 pigeons reached destination. It took 4 hours and 52 minutes for the fastest pigeon with a note 30 to cover this distance between cities in different states. Thus, the average speed of the winner was about 60 km/h. The pigeon that has taken the second place came 20 minutes later after the winner and reached destination 5 hours and 12 minutes after the start.

It was interesting to learn from pigeon owners - organizers of the pigeon flight, that in former years there had to pass about two months before the last of started pigeons reached destination and we can make a conclusion, that the minimum average speed of flight made only 5 kilometers per day.

Participants and visitors of the Festival laid flowers to the bust of Nikola Tesla.

A public movement "Tesla Worldwide Gathering" has organized a radio bridge that united listeners in various cities and countries: In Novi Sad and Belgrade, in Budapest and New York. Nikola Tesla is considered one of radio inventors, therefore participants of the radio bridge from radio studios in different cities, with big interest talked about life and activities of the Serbian inventor, because thanks to him radio has deeply entered our daily life: from FM radio stations that you can listen in the car, up to national radio corporations.

Organizers of the radio bridge hope, that in future among its participants and listeners there will also be inhabitants of Russian cities, moreover that we in Russia consider our Russian scientist Alexander Popov to be the inventor of radio. May be in the near future this global project will attract attention of Russian radio journalists working in A. Popov's native city - St.-Petersburg or working at the gaining popularity radio station of Alla Pugachyova, broadcasting at 98,8 FM frequency.

Participants of the Festival from Russia actively communicated in the mixed Russian-Serbian language with inventors from brotherly Serbia. Contacts with representatives of national innovation organizations from Romania, Croatia and other countries can be considered as fruitful.

Russian visitors lived in the hotel not far from the street that carries the name of Nikola Tesla. One of them, who closely studied the map of Novi Sad, made a pleasant discovery for himself: many streets of this city on Danube carry names of our Russian compatriots: of tsar Peter the Great, Ivan Michurin, Jury Gagarin. Many streets carry the names of Russian writers and poets: Pushkin, Lermontov, Lev Tolstoi, Dostoevsky, Krylov.

All Serbs perceive Russia as the country of high spirituality and culture. Someone of them even noticed, that if on Serbian banknotes of 100 Serbian dinars' value is placed Nikola Tesla, on Russian one hundred-ruble banknotes, a visiting card of Russia - the Big theatre.

In the heat of spontaneously arising benevolent polemic concerning visiting cards of the two countries, one of Russian participants of the Festival suggested to give to one street of the city of Novi Sad the name of Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, the Russian scientist and inventor who was born in 1857 - only a year after Nikola Tesla whose 150-year anniversary has been recently widely celebrated in Russia and abroad.

A correspondent of the local newspaper "Evening news" liked this idea so much, that preparing material about participation of the Club "Archimedes" from Moscow in the Festival in Novi Sad he decided to underline this moment as a separate insert in the publication.

Eventually, Russia is famous not only for its ballet art, but also for rockets and flying devices and Russian scientists and inventors were among their first creators..

Probably, sometime in the city of Novi Sad, where annual Festival in memory of the Serb Nikola Tesla is held, there will really appear the street named after the Russian amazer Konstantin Tsiolkovsky!

V. Mikhailov

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