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20th Moscow International Innovation Salon "Archimedes", Russia, Moscow

Rijeka, Croatia

From November, 15 to November, 19th, 2006 in Rijeka, Republic of Croatia was held the 31st International Croatian Salon of Innovations "INOVA". "INOVA" is a traditional international exhibition of inventions that since 1971 on a regular basis displayed the greatest achievements in the field of inventions in Croatia. This event is an embodiment of spirit of creative approach to development of riches of human reason, environment and the immense Universe. INOVA is aimed at liberation of innovative potential, full disclosing of mechanisms inventive genius of a man, creation of optimum conditions for development of scientific and technical creativity.

Organizers of the Salon INOVA were: Croatian Association of Inventors, Association of Inventors of Primorsko-goransky County, Zagreb Association of Inventors, co-organizers: Association of Inventors of Rijeka, Association of technical culture of the city of Rijeka. President of Croatia was the patron and the sponsor of the exhibition.

At the Salon were presented developments of over 350 inventors from the different countries, including the USA, Great Britain, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, etc. Croatia has been presented by 14 regions. Russia has been presented by the Moscow International Salon of Industrial Property "Archimedes". The stand attracted special attention of visitors and participants of the Salon. Exhibits presented at the "Archimedes" stand have been duly estimated by the qualified jury and received well-deserved rewards. The gold medal was awarded to D.I.Zezyulin for the book " How to find the investor " - the evident guidebook in the world of innovative technologies. The second gold medal was awarded to the firm "Gelios Lite" for the development "di-1" - an alternative source of radiation based on light-emitting diodes and solar elements.

To the opening ceremony of the Salon "INOVA" arrived outstanding figures of the state, heads of local authorities, influential organizations - Stepan Mesich, President of Croatia, Vojko Obersnel, mayor of Rijeka, Jopan Zlatko-Komadina, President of Association of Inventors of Primorsko-goransky County, heads of Zagreb Association of Inventors, Association of Inventors of Rijeka, Association of technical culture of the city of Rijeka.

The exhibition was accompanied by significant events from which the most important are: celebration of the 150th anniversary from the date of birth of the ingenious electrical engineer, physicist and inventor Nikola Tesla, the 60th anniversary of the Croatian Association of technical culture and the 30th anniversary of MIPRO - the Croatian Association of computer science and technology of communications, electronics and microelectronics from Rijeka. At the exhibition has been presented Museum of Nikola Tesla from Slovenia, on its stands were displayed inventions of Nikola Tesla. All exhibits were "alive", it was possible to observe their work. Especially remembered are his ingenious observations about distinctions in mechanisms of generation constant and alternating current, about losses of efficiency in direct current electric motors due to spark generation, about distribution of high frequency currents over large distances without wires and their reflections in high layers of atmosphere.

Within the frames of the exhibition were also held seminars and presentations on issues of promotion of innovations and protection of objects of intellectual property. Special attention attracted the seminar of Michel Svanter, representative the World Organization of Intellectual Property at the United Nations, about real assistance to innovators and development of innovative activities in the world.

Now inventors of Croatia are preparing for a visit to the Moscow International Salon of Industrial Property "Archimedes" (March, 27-30th, 2007). It will facilitate strengthening of our friendly relations on a mutually advantageous base.

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