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20th Moscow International Innovation Salon "Archimedes", Russia, Moscow

Information about participation of representatives of the International Innovation Club "Archimedes" in the II International Salon of inventions and new technologies "New time" Sevastopol, Ukraine.

From September, 27th to September, 29th, 2006 in the city of Sevastopol, under the motto "Steady development in the time of changes" was held the IInd International Salon of inventions and new technologies "New time".

Organizers of the Salon were:
1. Government administration, National complex "Expocentre of the Ukraine" (Kiev);
2. National commission on affairs of UNESCO;
3. Ministry of Education and sciences of the Ukraine, the Ukrainian center of innovations and patent-license services (Kiev);
4. Council for exhibition activities in the Ukraine (Kiev);
5. Ukrainian institute of economic and scientific-technical information (Kiev);
6. Sevastopol municipal administration;
7. Agency on economic development of Sevastopol;
8. Scientific School of Causality: SVC "Laukar" and LLC "Center "Ayume" (Sevastopol)
9. Kharkov state medical university;
10.Ukrainian association valeologists (Kharkov);
11. "Sociopolis in the Ukraine " (Kiev)
12. Journal "Inventor and rationalizer" (Kiev)
13. International Innovation Club "Archimedes" (Moscow)
14. The world forum of inventors and researchers (Bucharest)
15. Innovation-pedagogical association "21st century: Education. Science. Ecology" (Sevastopol)

In Salon activities took part Ukrainian inventors, high schools, scientific research institutes, firms.

Foreign participants were presented by the following national delegations:
-International Innovation Center "Archimedes" (Russian Federation);
-Institute of intellectual property of the Republic Moldova;
-Romanian society of inventors;
-Romanian forum of inventors;
-Hungarian society of inventors;
-Polish society of inventors and rationalizers;
-Belgian chamber of inventors;
-Society of inventors of Bosnia and Herzegovina;
-Association of inventors of Croatia;
-and also inventors and firms from Estonia, Spain, Germany, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkey.

Quality of development was estimated by the International jury led by prof. Pierre Fumier (Belgium) and the National jury led by Anton Karlov, the representative of Ukraine in the International association of TRIZ-pedagogics. The jury included representatives of national delegations of inventors, and also known scientists of Ukraine (Kiev, Kharkov, Sevastopol, Simferopol).

The official delegation of the International innovation center "Archimedes" included:
GOU VPO All-Army academy of VS of the Russian Federation, with the development " Sea energy-power complex; LLC "Gelios Lite" with developments ""Independent system of external illumination" (autonomous lamp), Electric lantern solar on light-emitting diodes"; NOU Children's studio "Eskiz" with developments: A course of initial educational drawing", "A course of accelerated training of pupils in graphic activities"; International Innovation Club "Archimedes", with presentation of the book of D.I.Zezyulin "How to find an investor".

Grand prix of the Salon "New time" was awarded to the development of the All-Army academy VS of the Russian Federation has received "Sea energy-power complex". Approaching exhaustion of natural energy sources on Earth, global changes of climate, growing needs of population in energy compel mankind to address renewed (natural) energy sources.

The sea element in itself is an energy source: excitement of surface, underwater and surface currents, rich chemical energy of substances dissolved in sea water, etc. All these are inexhaustible and comparatively easily accessible energy sources. Experts of the All-Army Academy proposed creation of complex energy-power installations in sea: on special platforms or on auxiliary vessels (pontoons, barges).

Special prize of the Sevastopol administration and gold medals of the Salon were awarded to the development of the small Moscow enterprise "Gelios Lite", devoted to the system of external illumination in extreme conditions when the use of other sources is complicated or is simply impossible.

Gold medals of the Salon "New time" were awarded to Leparskaja Irina Olegovna, a Moscow inventor, an architect-teacher for the course "Initial educational drawing" and for the "Methods of accelerated training in graphic activities". Uniqueness of the "Course of educational drawing" as innovative and meeting increasing needs has been noted.

For innovative activities in assistance to inventors in promotion of innovation products on the market, the International Innovation Center "Archimedes" was awarded with a gold medal of the Salon "New Time" and a Special prize of the Kharkov national university.

Within the frames of the exhibition took place the presentation of the book of Dmitry Zezyulin "How to find an investor". The book is written for inventors, authors-developers looking for ways of promotion of their projects on the innovative market. In the book are given ways and methods of submission of materials for financing projects, a scheme on drawing up of business-plan, and also addresses of venture funds in Russia and abroad. It has aroused huge interest among inventors and industrialists of the Ukraine.

Sergeeva Olga Vladimirovna, a representative of the Center "Archimedes", organized business meetings and business contacts between participants, members of the club "Archimedes" and interested persons and organizations.

Mutual understanding has been reached and further cooperation with the following organizations has been planned: Administration of Sevastopol, Ukrainian academy of sciences, Innovation chamber of the Ukraine, Agency on economic development of Sevastopol, Sevastopol national technical university, Kharkov national university, etc.

Fruitful results of functioning of collective expositions of the International Innovation Center "Archimedes" serve as a guarantee of effective cooperation of all interested parties, stimulate growth of investment activities in the most perspective directions of development of science and technology

The press-service of international innovative center "Archimedes".

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