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20th Moscow International Innovation Salon "Archimedes", Russia, Moscow

Information about participation of the Center Archimedes in the 50th International technical fair Technical Fair 2006 16 - May 20, 2006. Belgrade, Republic of Serbia and Monte Negro

According to the plan of organization and realization of collective expositions at international technical and innovation exhibitions the International Innovation Center Archimedes with support of the Department of science and industrial policy of Moscow has participated in the 50th technical exhibition in Belgrade, the Republic of Serbia.

The Belgrade technical exhibition is a huge exposition site, where the best technical and industrial novelties practically from all continents were shown. The united stand of Moscow R&D and producing companies was organized by the Moscow chamber of commerce and industry with assistance of the Moscow International Innovation Center Archimedes. Among the Moscow participants were:
- OJSC Moscow plant of coordinate-boring machines
- CJSC Soyuztechnoproekt
- ANO Center of ecological, technological and social-cultural initiatives VALCON
- OJSC Moscow city telephone network
- Scientific-technical firm OPTEKS
- Moscow state technological university STANKIN
- Institute of problems in information transfer of RAS (Golubtsov K.V.)
- Experimental research institute of cutting machines
- A group of firms Piezo
- Company Obiedinennaya energia (Integrated energy)
- Research-and-production company Gelios lite
- Moscow aviation institute.

Almost all of them are active participants of the Archimedes and reliable business partners of the International Innovation Center Archimedes. In the course of the exhibition representatives of the Center Archimedes conducted negotiations on cooperation with the following firms and companies:
- Serbian Academy of innovation sciences
- Galenika a.d.
- "Sain" Academy of inventors of Serbia
- Ministry of Science and Environmental Protection
- "Tedonal"
- Embassy of the Republic of Belarus
- Chamber of commerce and industry of Serbia
- Ekounis Institut
- Technical school of engineering
- Galeb Group
- IMR Institute Research, Development and testing Department of IMR Joint stock Co
- University of Belgrade Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
- Situla Nova
- Larico ltd.
- Mobexpert Office
- Pragma
- Pilana Tools
- Meiser Ferroste
- I.G.C. Strojal
- Egrokorr Trade
- Gocke GmbH&Co.KG
- Smeral Brno a.s.
- HENNLICH Industrietechnik
- Universal Eisen und Stahl GMBH
- Vision Engineering
- Pro Man (Chechia)
- VV Proing
- PRVA Petoletka
- Malpvo (Czechia)
- Sonic
- Jap
- Tamadex
- Elvesko
- Prointegra, o.p.s

There were organized exit conferences and round table discussions in the Chamber of commerce and industry of the Republic of Serbia (with support of the Moscow Chamber of commerce and industry and trade mission of the Russian Federation). In the Union of inventors of Serbia (the agreement on cooperation has been reached) to industrial firms in Subbotica and Shabats. Negotiations were conducted and an agreement on cooperation with the Serbian Academy of Innovation sciences has been concluded. Under this agreement the Center Archimedes joins the Academy, and the Academy joins the members of the Moscow innovation club Archimedes. The parties have undertaken to render all assistance to Serbian and Russian innovators in implementation of their research-and-production potential. Negotiations with Mr. Anjelco Glavashevic, President of the International innovation exhibition Tesla-Fest, Novi Sad, Republic of Serbia have been a success, and also there has been adopted a decision about granting privileged participation status to Russian exhibitors at the October Salon Tesla-Fest arranged to the 150th anniversary of birth of the great inventor Nikola Tesla.

Representatives of the Center Archimedes led by the general director, Dmitry Zeziulin have visited the innovation exhibition of inventors of Belgrade and have presented three diplomas of honor, club cards and badges of the International Innovation Club Archimedes to Savo Radovic, Milosh Stankevich, Marco Todorovich. The Serbian academy of innovation sciences has presented the diploma and medal, and conferred the degree of the academician of the Serbian academy of innovation sciences to Dmitry Zeziulin, President of the International Salon of Industrial Property Archimedes

All this proves high level of relationships between Russian and Serbian inventors and industrialists, proves high scale of confidence between them.

As a result of the visit of the delegation of the Center Archimedes to Belgrade there was the decision about joining of the Center as a full partner the Agency of intellectual property organized by a number of Serbian and Belgian companies under the leadership of doctor Milenco Manigodic, the President of E.C.I.P.E.C.. The Center Archimedes." expresses confidence in success of the started business and in large outlooks of activities on the world innovation market.

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