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20th Moscow International Innovation Salon "Archimedes", Russia, Moscow
Lades and Gentlemen!

I have honor to present you our new Internet-project, an information portal: "INNOVEXPO". The website "INNOVEXPO" is created and intended for wide acquaintance of the public (first of Russian) with the maintenance of the international innovative exhibitions. In many respects because of the rather poor budget of management of innovative exhibitions cannot spend a greater advertising campaign of the actions, only experts and a small circle of the research-and-production public know about it. In this connection interesting and useful expositions frequently pass imperceptibly for general public, not receiving properly the participants and visitors. All both exhibitors, and organizers, and potential consumers of innovative production as a result lose.

We with colleagues have decided to eliminate these inconveniences and to make the information on the international innovative actions to accessible all users of a network the Internet. With this purpose the information portal "INNOVEXPO" is created is assured, that owing to our new project all organizers and participants of innovative exhibitions can will get more effective support in realization of the plans and ideas.

Success and prosperity to all our colleagues and adherents!

The project head
Dmitry Zezjulin

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