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20th Moscow International Innovation Salon "Archimedes", Russia, Moscow
The 21th Moscow International Salon of Inventions
and Innovation Technologies «Archimedes»

Classifier of the Exhibition

1.   Pollution control and environment protection
2.   Human safety, protection and rescue
3.   Aviation industry
4.   Automobile industry and road safety
5.   Land, sea and air transport
6.   Industrial equipment
7.   Chemical industry
8.   General machine-building industry
9.   Metallurgy
10. Electricity and power electronics
11. Power engineering
12. Radio, television and communications
13. Office equipments – Information science
14. Polygraphs and advertisement
15. Games - Sports- Culture – leisure
16. Goods, gifts
17. House-hold equipments
18. Textile industry and garments
19. Hygienic and cosmetics
20. Medicine and health-care service
21. Agricultural and food industry
22. Construction and equipment of residential and non-residential premises
23. Communal services
24. Robotics
25. Innovation entrepreneurship
26. Working instruments
27. Lifting transportation equipments
28. Packing and storage
29. Legal support
30. Miscellaneous

Overall results of the 19th Moscow International Salon of Inventions and Innovative Technologies “Archimedes”

The results of international exhibition-competition of trademarks and appellations of origin “Trademark Leader”

A meeting of the Scientific and Technical Council of Rospatent and FIPS XVI on the outcome of the Moscow International Salon "Archimedes"

Results of XVI Moscow International Salon of Inventions and Innovation Technologies "Archimedes".

Preliminary results of the "Innovation potential of youth in Moscow 2013"

Press release XVI Moscow International Salon of Inventions and innovative technologies «Archimedes»

On conducting the Organizing Committee of the Salon "Archimedes-2013"

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